xshallowknifex (xshallowknifex) wrote in aplacetohate,


I really really really really...

You know all those bullshit people who say 'congratu-fucking-lations'? Well, sadly, I join them today. Congratulations you stupid bitch. Congratulations for being so pathetic and obsessive that you make everyone sick.You OBESE over-dramatic two dollar whore.

You act like you don't give a fuck about 'him'. Yet, every single day (without fail)you incessantly BITCH about how your not getting any you low slut.

Definition via Urbandictionary.

Someone who provides a very needed service for the community and sleeps with everyone, even the guy that has no shot at getting laid and everyone knows it. She will give him a sympathy fuck either because someone asked her to or she just has to fuck everyone she knows. These are great people, and without them sex crimes would definitly increase. Thank you slut, where ever you are.

Also, you say that your fine with everything. You know what you're not motherfuckingfine. You are a disgrace to the human race. You love taking photos of yourself like a camwhore (yes, a derogatory term, deal with it) All your myspace-loving junkies see are your disgustingly misproportioned breasts, youre squinty eyes, and haglike appearance. It's grotesque, honestly. Not to mention...okay, fuck, I'll mention it. Your dog-like habits and downright CAVEMAN eating habits.
Want a twinkie, FUCKER?

You are SHIT. A contamination. Yes, you're a handicap to environmentalists who still haven't managed to clean your shit up. Then again, they probably didn't have the time ... cos you ATE it before they got there.

You're so goddamn deffective that the heel of Achilles could crush you.

Oh and you SUCK at sex.

don't like her.

k. thanks
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