ALIX (turkish_blend) wrote in aplacetohate,

Die Dirk Die!

I hate this guy who was a friend of mine Dirk and his phony spouse Stephanie! They walked all over me for a year. She acts like a saint but she was the nieghborhood slut. Dirk came on to me and begged me not tell her but he pissed me off so I told her and she told everyone else. Now my name is mud he got off easy.

Everyday for three months I drown myself with pills and drinking. They took my freinds away and my pride. I have nothing left. I want to die.

I know they don't give me a second thought or care but I think since they destroyed my life they should pay. I wish them all the misery they caused me and more.

They know I have no relatives and our friends were the closest thing to family I have left but still they took it all away. Dirk I hope you die and Steph I hope you die too! To hell with the both of you!
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