LuNaKittaY (nicole_l) wrote in aplacetohate,

So Frustrated!!!

So, I'm driving home from school, listening to my summer mix cd, enjoying the warm weather with my sunroof open. Rolling down Germantown, I go to make my left onto Butler and the light turns red, so I stop. All of a sudden, my car shakes and I look behind to see some woman in her little white Mazda had just hit me. I put my arms up and she put her hands to her mouth in shock,like'Oh my god, I just ran my ugly ass into someone!'. By this point my turn light is green so I turn and motion for her to follow me as I turn into the neighborhood. She nods and as I go to make the turn, she floors it around me. Nice. I try to write down the license plate but you all I am quite blind. I call the police, I tell the what I wrote down-its wrong. I describe the woman, I describe the car. An officer comes to the house. He takes my information, he tells me theres nothing I can do. I hate that woman. I hope someone rams into her three times as hard and leaves her to pay for her own broken head with the last two cents she has. I have no money. All the money I make this summer goes towards Scotland. If I report this to my insurance, I'll still have to pay some money and my insurance will go up. What the fuck? There's two holes in the back of my car from her god damn, New Jersey license plate and I have to handle it. I wish her the worst in life. I swear to God, if this cost some absurd amount (recall last time and the addition cost for my 'specialty paint'-and that was a scratch, not a hole.) I'm selling my car and never drving again. I'll move towards Elkins Park and get a Vespa. Like my week wasn't enough of a hassle, like I don't have enough stress in my life. This is why Pennsylvanians typically hate New Jersey drivers. I will certainly continue to yell 'go back to New Jersey' when someone is drving poorly. And should I happen to pass that woman again, i'll be yelling far worse...
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