Siivet (siivet) wrote in aplacetohate,

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World Of Hate

We live in a world of hate,i guess everyone knows that.
Why can´t we kill all the people that are always making stupid stuff against us???
I hate people.
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February 19 2004, 10:13:17 UTC 14 years ago

I h8 som people but now mostly I h8 kthm. Drama queen attn whore.
Just had to vent.
I feel much better now.


February 19 2004, 10:20:00 UTC 14 years ago

My turn!
I "h8" people who screw up and fuck others over then think they've done nothing wrong.
i will tell you why we live in a world of hate. The devil rules this world and has corruped it. he is the prince of darkness. read my journal entry thing. and learn to love
I have read your LJ and don´t you come sellig your fish to me cause I ain´t buying it, what if jesus told you to throw yourself from a bridge????
And you think that just for asking forgiveness for your sins you go to a wonderfull place???
Bah, really nice when someone see the mistakes they commit too bad its always too late.
you must turn your back on sin,and accept jesus into your heart. have you ever lied? have you ever stole something, even if it was small? if you answered yes to both those questions you are a liar and a theif. Do you think a liar and theif would go to heaven. No! but i have good news. Jesus died on the cross for the punishment of our sins so we wont have to go to hell. If you accept jesus you will spend eternity with God in heaven. To accept jesus all you have to do is say this prayer: Lord jesus i know im a sinner, forgive me of my sins, come into my heart and change me, i believe you died on the cross for my sins and rose from the dead. amen say that and you will be SAVED. its simple really, God did so much and requires so little
Just remember that if jesus and god didn´t "existed" people woulnd´t have died in the inquisition, there wouldn´t be all these wars and stuff like that, do you think just by saying sorry all is forgiven like the pope did because of the inquisition????
Too bad it was only last year that he asked for forgiveness for a thing that hapenned a hundred years ago,open your eyes you blinded by a mirage creature.
The people on the vatican and priests and all that stuff they are the big problem in this world,and people like you.this is a world made of man and their beliefs and notfrom a god that does nothing.
Yea, people suck.
shawn_76 sucks even harder cause i didn´t had any reason on posting here :P
know who i really hate? people who use retarded acronyms like "h8". that and republicans. fuck, democrats, too. in fact, i just hate politics.