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There's an artist, Nathalia Edenmont, who kills cats, mice, doves, RABBITS, and other animals, mutilates their bodies, and then takes their photographs. She's on exhibit, among other places, at the Wetterling Gallery in Sweden. She has taken the top halves of five white mice and made them into finger puppets. She beat a cat to death with a stick. And this is called art. This is not only inhumane, but morally reprehensible.

Link to samples of the exhibit (warning! offensive content):
The Wetterling Gallery's Justification of her work:

*****Link to the petition against her:

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Thanks for posting that. It was disgusting and upsetting to see the gallery and know that someone thinks that animal cruelity is an artistic statement. I signed the petition. And I'm filled with repulsion and hate for the artist.
There are so many other things in the world to get your knickers in a knot about sweetheart. Who gives a shit about pussycats and mice - i love the idea of finger-puppets made from real mice and i'd love to see that. Killing cats with a big stick? No doubt that's crap - have you seen her do this? Personally i detest cats and cat owners and feel they should ALL be beaten with a big stick and i wish all cats were dead and gone, because them and their owners are useless shits that i HATE! If you want to campaign about cruelty open your newspaper or watch the news honey - i bet you love cats and that you are a cat owner, because you live in the clouds and are deluded, otherwise you'd see all the human suffering and far worse animal suffering than is supposedly caused by the artist. WAKE UP!
You could at least answer with a username, actually I don´t have cats, I don´t like them that much, I have a doberman and a Pitbull and a angry rabbit, even so cats are animals, I dont need to open a newspaper I just have to go down the street to see people get shot, unfortonately you seem like the kind of people that have never seen no one man or animal die in front of you, thats why you speak so stupidly.
Have a nice day.
And I really do hope someone dies in front of you one day.